NSERC Tier 1 awards are given to outstanding researchers acknowledged by their peers as world leaders in their fields. We at PROOF celebrate this well-deserved appointment, and look forward to the continued excellence and insights Dr. Raymond Ng will bring to the field of biomedical research.

Background: Molecular technologies have found many important applications in the past decade, ranging from environmental monitoring to human health.  However, measuring and modeling molecular entities at a single time-point is often insufficient to capture the complexity of many biological systems; truly systematic measurements needs to consider dynamic changes across time.   With decreasing cost, longitudinal genomic data are accumulating quickly.  Yet tools that help researchers to model temporal changes in genomics are inadequate. The objective of Dr. Ng’s research program is to develop tools to model and understand temporal changes in genomics data.  His team will develop tools for assessing the quality of data, and identifying possible outliers for removal; tools for learning the latent structure of multi-omics time series; and tools for extracting information from texts to help research interpret their results.

Dr. Raymond Ng is appointed Canada Research Chair in Data Science and Analytics Tier 1