Together with its academic and clinical collaborators, the PROOF Centre has successfully patent protected ‘omics-based biomarker tests and algorithms for clinical use. PROOF Centre has exclusively licensed the following published patents from the University of British Columbia. For more information or for commercialization opportunities, please contact us.



1. Methods and systems of detecting plasma protein biomarkers for diagnosing acute exacerbation of COPD. Sin DD, Ng RT, McManus B, Hollander Z, Chen V.

US Patent Number: 10,942,188  Granted March 9, 2021. Patent pending in EU and Canada.


2. Biomarkers for the detection of acute rejection in heart transplantation. McManus B, Ng R, Tebbutt S, Wilson-McManus J, Hollander Z, Lam K, Chen V, Dai D, Shannon C, Ignaszewski A, Balshaw R, McMaster R, Keown P.

US Patent Number: US10,989,716  Granted April 27, 2021. Patent pending in Canada.