Progress through partnership. Our business strategy is driven by the success of more than 50 partnering relationships we have built since our inception.

Transformative efficiency. Our strategy is to leverage our not-for-profit status to utilize the resources and capabilities of our partners whenever possible to reduce costs and streamline activities.

Product driven. The road to sustainability is to deliver product to market and thus reach the patient. To that end, a portfolio of 14 blood tests is in development with ongoing careful review and assessment.

Robust, comprehensive, adaptable process. We have a biomarker development process based on proven and stable technologies and strategies. Innovative technologies are evaluated and, once stable, are assessed for integration into the process.

Focus on early detection and management. Building on the investment in blood tests developed for end-stage failure in the earlier years of the PROOF Centre, future blood test development will focus on early detection and stratification. This approach will allow access to more substantive markets and healthcare savings.

Learning environment. The Centre provides translational research and medicine training including exposure to a spectrum of essential sciences, business principles, inter-sectoral communication, and sensitivity to the manner in which value can be brought to health care. Our biomarker development experiences are advanced, relevant, and not common elsewhere for trainees, faculty and staff.