This week, PROOF Centre CEO, Dr. Bruce McManus will be at the 9th Annual Oxford Global Biomarkers Congress in Manchester, UK.

The Biomarkers Congress will cover the latest advances in biomarker discovery and verification:

The increasing interest in biomarker discovery in recent years has pushed biomarker research into the foreground of the modern pharmaceutical industry. New identification technologies have both widened the scope of biomarker research and underlined the need for robust validation, improved predictive value and the clear demonstration of clinical relevance.

Dr. McManus will be a Chair for the Day 2 stream: Clinical Trials & Personalized Medicine. The PROOF Centre team will also present a poster entitled, Molecular Biosignatures for Better Care of COPD and Heart Failure Patients.

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CEO Chairs Clinical Trials & Personalised Medicine at the 9th Annual Oxford Global Biomarkers Congress