Our CSO Dr. Scott Tebbutt was in San Francisco today to give a PCR & Next-Gen Sequencing talk at SELECTBIO’s Genomics Research 2014 conference.

He discussed the profiling of peripheral whole blood transcriptomes to identify molecular mechanisms and biomarkers that can discriminate between response types in allergic asthmatic individuals. The consequences of the late asthmatic response are believed to contribute to chronic airway inflammation and uncontrolled disease. Asthma is a chronic condition affecting 300 million people worldwide, and remains poorly understood due to its complexity and heterogeneity.

To learn more, read Dr. Tebbutt’s abstract Peripheral Whole Blood Transcriptomes of Asthmatic Individuals Undergoing Allergen Inhalation Challenge, or contact proof@hli.ubc.ca.

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Profiling peripheral whole blood transcriptomes of asthmatic individuals to identify biomarkers that discriminate response type