On February 11, the Canadian Physiological Society recognized the scientific and leadership contributions to cardiovascular biology and medicine of Dr. Bruce McManus, Director of the PROOF Centre of Excellence, awarding him the prestigious Sarrazin Award Lecture at their Annual Meeting in Saint-Adele, Quebec. In his Sarrazin Lecture, Dr. McManus discussed the current understanding of the pathophysiology of enteroviral heart disease and how such infections might be treated.

The Sarrazin Lectureship was initiated in 1976 by the Society in recognition of Doctor Michel Sarrazin, “the First Canadian Physiologist”, a remarkable physiologist, physician, and botanist who was born in France but lived most of his life, from 1659 to 1734, in the French colonies of what would be evolve to be Canada. Among many distinctions, Doctor Sarrazin served as physician to the King of France.

The first Sarrazin Lecturer was Dr. Harold Copp, who presented his lecture at the Winter Meeting of the Society in 1977.

PROOF Centre Director Receives Sarrazin Award