IMAGEPersonalized Medicine Summit
June 7-9, 2015
Life Sciences Institute, University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

We’re thrilled to be a partner in the Personalized Medicine Summit, bringing together global leaders from academia, healthcare, industry and government to discuss advances in personalized molecularly-based medicine. The aim of this summit is to delineate a pathway for the implementation of personalized medicine approaches into healthcare in British Columbia.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this conversation!

The PROOF Centre will present four posters at the summit:

  • A Statistical Model to Predict the Cellular Composition of Peripheral Whole Blood Samples from Affymetrix Gene ST 1.1 Expression Data (Casey Shannon)
  • Harnessing an “Omics” Pipeline to Produce High Value Blood Tests (Karen Lam)
  • Uncovering Cell-specific Markers of Acute Kidney Allograft Rejection by Two-Stage, in Silico Deconvolution of the Lymphocyte Compartment of Peripheral Whole Blood (Casey Shannon)

  • Discovery of Novel Plasma Protein Biomarkers to Diagnose Acute COPD Exacerbations (Zsuzsanna Hollander)

Be sure to follow the hashtag #PMSUMMIT2015 to keep up with the conversation.

We hope to see you there!

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Join us at the Personalized Medicine Summit, June 7 – 9!