By collaborating with innovators and leveraging existing technologies and infrastructure, we can speed up development of these new tests and apply them sooner. Using established resources and platforms is an efficient approach, and saves both time and money. The PROOF Centre integrates the experience and expertise of our collaborators with advanced genomic, proteomic and computational tools. These innovative ‘-Omics” technology platforms give us the ability to detect and identify tens of thousands of molecules that are present and expressed in the body, and are necessary for biomarker discovery, qualification, validation and implementation.

Genetics/genotype and epigenetics refer to the measurement of traits inherited through DNA. Genotype is dependent on the composition of DNA bases at particular sites in the genome, while epigenetics involves the chemical modification of DNA through interaction with the environment.

Gene Sequencing deciphers the genetic code to identify gene sequences.

Transcriptomics or genomics refers to the measurement of RNA expression. Both the identity of RNA and the abundance can be quantitatively measured.

Proteomics refers to the measurement of the identity and abundance of proteins.

Metabolomics refers to the measurement of the identity and abundance of metabolites, which are chemicals in biological samples.

Data Resources and Management involves the integration of comprehensive data patients enrolled in PROOF studies with all data generated from the technology platforms.

Computation, Data Mining and Analysis involves data integration and management, data mining and statistical evaluation of complex data, clinical trial statistics, and high throughput platform analysis, bioinformatics, statistics, and tool development.