Dr. Schreiner is currently the CEO of Cardero Therapeutics Inc., and was formerly the CEO and Director of Raven Biotechnologies Inc. – a US company focusing on the discovery of new targets in oncology and inflammation and generating monoclonal antibodies directed against those targets for therapeutic and diagnostic uses. Prior to working in industry, Dr. Schreiner held faculty positions at leading US medical academic institutions, including Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pathology at Harvard Medical School and Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology at Washington University School of Medicine, where he received tenure. Dr. Schreiner has published extensively in the area of cardiovascular and renal disease, inflammation and oncology. He received his BA, PhD (immunology) and MD degrees from Harvard University and Harvard Medical School, respectively. Dr. Schreiner trained in internal medicine and nephrology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Dr. Schreiner is experienced in all phases of drug and Biomarker development, from discovery through clinical development to commercial launch. Prior to joining Raven, Dr. Schreiner was with Scios Inc., a Johnson & Johnson (J&J) company, where he served as President of Research and Development (R&D), leading discovery and development projects targeting heart and lung disease, inflammation and cancer. Dr. Schreiner served on the committee of senior managers that reviewed and approved all drugs entering full development at J&J, and chaired the committee of discovery research heads of the J&J subsidiaries to coordinate key areas of collaboration and strategic development. Prior to his position as President of R&D, Dr. Schreiner served as Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer at Scios. Dr. Schreiner is a board member of both the Preeclampsia Foundation and Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc.. Dr. Schreiner was one of the founding scientists at CV Therapeutics where he served as Vice President of Medical Science and Preclinical Research.